Featured: Thrill Of Hope

As a follow up to last year's "Thrill of Hope" album, 714 brings us a new Christmas single - "O Little Town of Bethlehem". Drawing upon the indie pop folk style, this song centers around piano, drums and acoustic.

The song tells the classic message of the beautiful night when Christ was born, bringing the thrill of hope to mankind. Proceeds from this album go to the DC Dream Center.

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714 is a music collective based in Washington DC at National Community Church. Through creativity and excellence 714 cultivates an atmosphere of intimate worship and passionate praise where God’s presence and His people connect.

Our hope is that the world would be transformed one life at a time through an encounter with Jesus. Our heart is to equip the church to see it happen.
2 Chronicles 7:14

The Team


ONLY SERVANTS: Nothing more, Nothing less

Only servants. What a foreign concept for our western world. From our earliest moments, we have been served. Served by our parents and families, served by our schools and educational systems, served by our government and social programs. We live in a cultural of me, myself and I. We are entitled to every entitlement, yet the gospel message…

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This past fall, NCC Worship was given the amazing opportunity to sign a record deal with Integrity Music. What a crazy, fun, God-assigned connection this has been! We are so honored to be working alongside such amazing talent and PEOPLE.This spring, we’re set to release a 5 song EP entitled “You Alone”, which will consist of both…

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Today’s blog is brought to you by last night’s crazy dream.I dreamt I was leading worship in a pretty epic arena. Massive band, 100 person choir, high tech light show, 4 tiered stage, and thousands upon thousands of people out in the crowd (AKA “congregation”). It was everything a performer could want. Suddenly, I started having a…

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Global revival through personal worship.